Vinyard Supplies

Just as the Peach Industry began under the watchful eye of Fredericksburg Ag advocate B. L. Enderle many decades ago, prompting landowners to invest in this lucrative and delicious crop, vineyards are now beginning to appear in the hills, setting the stage for what will certainly be award winning local vintages and yet another note of farming distinction to the area.

Vintor, take note, we have you covered too, with our complete lineup of Gripple vine & fruit trellis & fence setup & maintenance products.

We offer the complete line of Gripple products, which allows you to free up time for cultivation that is lost on trellis and fencework.

The wine industry in Texas is off and running, and whether you are a newcomer or an established operation, you'll want to know more about this innovative and time saving system for maintenance of physical infrastructure.

Have a look at the following sample videos and learn more about all that D & D, your Authorized Gripple products and service dealer, has to offer to get you closer to the gold medal finish you've been dreaming of!
You'll be sure to say, 'Santé, Yall!'
  Trellis setup can be less labor intensive with Gripple, from drivers to maintenance kits to free up time for dealing with vines and vintages instead of trellises and tee posts.  
Gripple gas powered anchor driver VS. Hammer
  In today's vineyards,the Torq Tensioning Tool and Contractor Tool not only provide a trellising system that can be tensioned in seconds, but one that will last for decades.  
Metal post installation with Gripple Plus
Nylon wire installation with Gripple Plus system
  The Torq Tensioning Tool and Contractor Tool
are specifically designed to apply tension to your
wires through a Gripple product. In addition to the
core range of Gripple Plus products, we also provide
bracing kits and Badger Earth Anchors. By using our fast,
efficient and re-tensionable products, installation labour is
minimized and annual maintenance is negligible.
The entire Gripple Plus Range uses our patented push-fit system; a system that utilises ceramic rollers to actively grip the wire while under tension, while still allowing for additional tension to be applied at any time. The uniquely simple concept is as speedy as it is painless, creating a secure join that keeps your time, labour and hassle to a minimum.

Combining a zinc housing with a sintered ceramic roller gives the Gripple Plus Range maximum corrosion resistance, while maintaining strength and functionality. As no bending or knotting is need while using Gripple tensioners, the durability and longevity of your vineyard wire is optimized.
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