Alamo Oak Wilt Fungicide

Oak wilt has been found in over 60 counties and in almost every city in Central Texas, as well as, Abilene, Midland, Lubbock, Dallas, Ft. Worth, College Station, Houston, and San Antonio.

It can be a problem wherever live oaks tend to be the predominate tree. It does not matter whether they are transplanted or naturally grown.

An individual tree’s age, size or previous health status does not make it more or less likely to contract or die from oak wilt.
*Affected Texas Counties*
  D & D Fence and Rental is proud to make Alamo Oak Wilt Fungicide & Injection Kits available to our customers. Alamo is the only treatment for Oak Wilt approved by the Texas Forest Service, the U.S. Forest Service and Texas A&M University, and has been proven highly effective in thousands of cases of this growing problem.

Product Overview:

Oak wilt is a vascular disease caused by a fungus that infects trees via root grafts or by bark beetle vectors. Alamo is a systemic fungicide applied by macro-infusion and is the industry standard product for the management of oak wilt.

Mode of Action / How Product Works:

Alamo is applied into the root flares and has been scientifically proven to prevent the growth and spread of the oak wilt fungus. Macro-infusion of Alamo is the process recommended by the US Forest Service and the Texas Forest Service. It can be used as a management tool in all the oak groups.

Application Method:
Alamo is applied through a process called macro-infusion. This is a tree care tool that enables an arborist to efficiently deliver a large volume of dilute solution directly into the water conducting tissues of a tree through the root flares.

Application Timing:
Alamo should be applied during the growing season when the tree has fully developed leaves. Applications may be made until there is fall color.

How Long Does Alamo Last?
The latest research indicates red oaks will have a 37% higher chance of long term survival if retreated two years after the initial application (e.g. a tree treated in 2006 should be re-treated in 2008).

How Much Product do I Need?
Treat with 10 ml Alamo per inch DBH and dilute each 10 ml in up to 1 liter of water. The label allows for 20 ml per inch DBH for large trees
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